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Corporate Identity

Whether you are a startup corporation or an established business in need of a new identity, ATAC can help you create a professional, larger than life look and feel. Working closely with key visionaries at your company, we will help you establish an image that conveys a persuasive message about your unique benefits. Our clients range from emerging startups to mega corporations. Whether you need a new logo, an annual report or an interactive Flash presentation, ATAC Consulting will help you create powerful and compelling marketing collateral.

Copy Writing

Lure the mind and intellect of your customers with ATAC's copywriting services. With a focus on Sales, ATAC provides copywriting services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need copywriting for a white paper, an annual report, website or a datasheet, ATAC will help you deliver a powerful and compelling message.

Product Marketing

Is your sales force constantly demanding newer and better ways to sell your product? Are you having a hard time articulating the mission of your organization? Do you need a full suite of collateral for a new product release or service? Regardless of your requirements, ATAC is able to deliver a full range of product marketing solutions, including:

Company Backgrounder
Product Briefs
Data Sheets
Competitive Analysis
Return on Investment Reports
White Papers
Ad Layout and Design
Direct Mail

Market Research

Are you in need of a justification for a new product or service? Do you need to conduct a survey? Are you looking to expand an existing product into a new market? Are you interested in an analysis of the competition? If you are in need of detailed market research, implementation and analysis, ATAC has extensive research experience and would be happy to assist you in your efforts.

Research expertise includes:

Competitive Analysis
Complex Survey Design
SPSS Statistical Data Analysis
Comprehensive Market Studies
Industry Summaries
Market Size and Direction Estimates