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Relationship Selling®

Our most sought after training program for a solid sales foundation for years of top line sales success.

Relationship Selling®is a customer-needs focused strategy successfully transforming sales teams from order takers to sales consultants- regardless of experience level! The process of mastering Relationship Selling® prepares sales representatives to increase sales, improve productivity, reduce call reluctance, and enhance customer relations. Relationship Selling®is a complete training program that gets results immediately.

Question Behind the Question (QBQ)

What is blame costing your company? Lost productivity? Reduced Profits? Poor communications? Decreased personal motivation? QBQ turns that around. QBQ is about personal accountability. It’s about making a difference by changing ourselves. Never before has there been such a powerful and practical program that changes the way of thinking almost instantaneously. The new way of thinking, talking, communicating and more importantly participating in outcomes comes from QBQ. By learning how to ask the question behind the question staff members will be asking WHAT CAN I DO NOW TO MOVE FORWARD? WHAT CAN I DO TO CONTRIBUTE? HOW CAN I MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Imagine the increased productivity to the entire organization, plus the I’m on the team attitude.


Too often sales representatives sell like they are standing over a counter. Ready with their rate card, sales kit, and a sample. Competitors are actively using written proposals with complete marketing plans. Proposals can increase sales up to 75%. Some sales representative proposal converts say they won't sell any more without using one. Using the five key proposal elements writers block is eliminated. Customer needs are identified and complete marketing campaign solutions are offered. Proposal writing tools include: a Getting Started Worksheet, Confidential Account Information Form, and sample proposal pages. Make dynamic proposals and sell more relationships, not just products and services.


Achieve territory goals as well as meet the company's objectives with the use of successful negotiating strategies. Learn how to “create value” for mutual gain, build profitable long-term relationships, separate people from the problem, and use objective standards to resolve differences about who should get what. As a result of this workshop, sales representatives gain the tools to prepare for contract negotiations, handle underbidding situations, requests to go off the rate card, missed deadline problems, ad errors, and many of the other day to day interactions that require negotiation skills. Everyone focuses on win-win negotiating. Increased productivity, professionalism, confidence, improved cost of sales, reduced loss of revenue and enhanced customer relations are just a few of the benefits you will gain from this program.

Sales Call Monitoring

This is a new service. Now ATAC can work with you to quickly and effectively monitor your phone sales traffic. Listen to your sales staff's phone calls, score calls for results and playback calls during sales meetings for training purposes. This affordable service will take your staff to the next level!