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Internal Use Business & Marketing Plan: $550-$1000

An Internal Plan is a full-color, combo business and marketing plan suitable for internal use or limited investor use. Generally, this plan is used for expansion planning and funding, light venture capital needs, and internal direction planning. It includes financial projections, cash flow charts, projected profit and loss, balance sheet, marketing objectives and strategies and more. Although the plan describes in detail the industry and marketplace, it is best suited for common businesses such as small retail shops, restaurants, professional services such as real estate or insurance offices, and wholesale.

Time: 7-14 Working Days


Investment Level Business Plan: $1000-$2000

An IL Business Plan is the same as the Basic in layout but goes much deeper in market / industry research and analysis, incorporating extensive research and surveys as necessary. It provides considerable analysis of the the competition including a SWOT analysis, the products or services offered and the target customer. In addition, it lays out a complete strategy for advertising and marketing.

Our IL Plan is ideal for lending in excess of $100,000.00 of bank or venture capital funds for a start-up business. It is also ideal for 2nd round funding of an already established business for expansion, debt consolidation, or new product launch.

Time: 10-14 working days


Venture Capitalist Business Plan Level: $2000 and up

A V.C. Plan is different than our other offerings in that it is completely customized. It includes product / service specific information such as patents, intellectual property, feasibility studies, and market surveys. The V.C. is the pinnacle in business planning documents and is used to procure venture funding in excess of $750,000. Regardless of your industry, this plan is designed to leave no room for failure.

In addition, you receive submittal to our private venture capital network, a pre-qualified group of individuals numbering more than 50 and all with more than $5,000,000 in liquid assets apiece.

Time: 21-28 working days

Click the Link to Download a sample of a Basic Plan:

Sample Plan