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Identify, Describe & Rank Opportunities

Determine your opportunities by examining both your customer base and your market. Identify your highest value customer segments and your best new sales opportunities.

With ATAC's Marketing Planning and vast data resources, you'll be able to:

Uncover new opportunities
Identify profitable customers and prospects
Assess potential markets
Benchmark current performance
Understand your target segments
Analyze competitors

Strategy – Prioritize Opportunities


Once your key customer segments have been identified, you need to develop strategies that address customer needs and take full advantage of your new opportunities today and into the future.

By linking customer information to market and behavior knowledge, you'll gain critical customer insight for identifying the best way to reach and acquire profitable customers.

The Strategy phase focuses on the three core areas that are essential for true customer acquisition and retention success:

Your Customers
Your Markets
Your Delivery Channels
Your Customers

Once the macro strategy is in place, customers can be selected based on their potential, preferences and long-term value. The selection criteria combines internal customer data with external potential to produce a likely share-of-wallet score.

Most importantly, it provides a common targeting program that works across all areas of your organization and offers a stable framework for medium- to long-term planning.

Your Markets

You need industry recognized data resources to create benchmarks. These enable you to clarify your current position and to identify growth opportunities through intensive studies of your markets and your brand, including:

Your competitors' market share
Potential by product and service category
Consumer trends
Your Delivery Channels

The better your delivery channels satisfy your customers' needs, the more likely you'll retain your customers. Customized analyses of your entire network and delivery system isolates consumer and product potential by channel, both site and non-site. Using this information, you can better select distribution systems that match your target consumers' preferences.

Implementation – Put Targeted, Cost-Effective Acquisition Plans Into Action

Apply your new customer knowledge across your entire organization, cultivating customers and approaching them on the one-to-one basis they want and expect.

Closing the Customer Contact Loop

By adding market context to your customer files, you will have the information you need to both improve the profitability of your current customer base and find additional profitable customers. This will enable you to achieve a closed-loop relationship, capitalizing on every customer contact and incorporating the lifestyle and market information you need to implement more effective, customized cross-sell and retention strategies. This approach also allows you to adapt to changes at each stage in the customer's relationship with you, from acquisition to retention to growth.

Reaching the Right Customer with the Right Offer

The actual implementation of your strategic plans begins with scored customers and prospects that fit your target profile in the markets you select via the optimal channel for each target.

You'll maximize every marketing dollar by targeting only those customers and prospects who represent profitable and sustainable opportunities. With in-depth insight into the lifestyles and habits of your targets, you can refine your message at any communication or promotional point to deliver the greatest impact on its intended targets. The end result is a longer, more profitable relationship with each customer and a greater likelihood of acquiring additional profitable customers.

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