Operational Excellence

Operations is a major contributor to the success or failure of most every business. Operations encompasses every activity between the sales pitch, to the receipt of a customer order, to the receipt of cash, and between the placement of an order with a supplier to payment of the invoice. The cumulative impact of operations has enormous implications on cost and pricing structure. It also heavily influences customer perceptions of quality and service. Optimizing operations is key to establishing and maintaining economic and competitive advantage.

Achieving excellence across all areas of your operations means you are ahead of the competition by adapting new methods to changing needs. It translates the general needs of quality, delivery and value into specific methods, from supply chain and manufacturing through fulfillment - to reduce cost, add value and increase profitability.

Excellence starts with management. ATAC professionals have developed and implemented solutions in pursuit of operational excellence for companies in numerous industries, ranging in size from start-up, to mid-tier, to the Fortune 500. Leveraging our experience in serving clients, ATAC evaluates operations to identify opportunities and design programs to exploit them. We work with our clients to develop new solutions for existing problems, and to anticipate solutions for dealing with future growth. ATAC professionals will analyze your infrastructure, processes and systems and make practical recommendations based on scale and scope. We employ the latest technology and thinking to ensure the best possible solution.

ATAC's service offerings within Operations include:

Sales & Marketing Strategy
Operations Strategy
Sales Management
Supply Chain Management
Procurement and Sourcing
Manufacturing and Design
PR Services

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